KAERU Mobile Chiropractic

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723-0026 Hiroshima, Hatsukaichi-Shi, Kamihera 122-3
Tel: 080-3956-1591
Email: karadawokaeru@gmail.com
Hours: 9:30 – 12:00
Hours: 14:30 -19:00
Closed: Sunday / Japanese Public Holiday
IG: @noguchishi

More often than not travelers find themselves in perdicaments of health or bodily related pain while over in Japan. The Kaeru team specialize delivering relief to people who need it! They are life savers honestly, and they can go to you!
If you are in need of their help before you continue your journey email or phone ahead to book. It’s a must, Hatsukaichi City (8,000yen~)/60min, Miyajima Island or Hiroshima City(10,000yen~)/60min service is also available. You’d be surprised people really appreicate them, and are always grateful for helping people with pain and injuries. Besides you need to take care of yourself, and to enjoy the rest of your journey.

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