Jigozen – The best spot to have the beautiful sunset over Miyajima

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The map shows the location of Jigozen shrine, 5 minutes walk from Jigozen Port.

Jigozen Port

This popular photo spot provides great views of the sunset over Miyajima. Between the island and the shore you’ll find flocks of migratory birds and oyster rafts from Hatsukaichi’s famed oyster farms. If you look carefully, you might spot what some consider the profile of Kan non, Japan’s “goddess of mercy,” etched by nature in Miyajima’s granite hilled silhouette. You can also visit Omotenashi-hostel Miyajima, The oyster bar OSTREA SERA near from this spot.

Jigozen Shrine

Established in 593 A.D, this shrine is as old as Itsukushima Shrine. People were not allowed to land on Miyajima in old times, so they prayed from here instead. Jigozen, ltsukushima and Mt. Misen on Miyajima are said to connect heaven to earth because they lie in a straight line.

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