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miyajima oyster hiroshima oyster bar oysterbar

5 Chome-30-9 Jigozen, Hatsukaichi, Hiroshima
Tel: 080-2947-1307
OPAEN: Wed to Sat 18:00 – 22:00
CLOSED: Sun to Mon

One of the finest oyster brands in Japan is Jigozen. The oysters grow in the Jigozen area around Miyajima under rafts that are spaced wider than typical oyster farms. This allows more room for the oysters to grow. The result is a large, firm and shiny oyster with a richer flavor than normal. It is highly prized in Japan and has received the Emperor’s Award and the Fisheries Agencies Director’s Award.
Sera Suisan has been harvesting Jigozen oysters for 70 years. Normally they send their rich hall to large wholesale markets like Tsukiji Market in Tokyo, but in December 2023 they opened a new venue selling grilled Jigozen oysters on the fishing docks near Omotenashi Hostel in Hatsukaichi, a 10 minute walk from Hiroden’s Jigozen station. Enjoy these highly desirable oysters in a brand new, modern building designed by architectural firm Nest and completed by the architectural students at Hiroshima University. During the day the building functions as a fishery, but at 6 p.m. converts into an oyster BBQ and bar.

Select from a simple menu of oysters grilled, deep fried or served in ajillo plus drinks including sake, beer and gin. You can grill the oysters yourself or have someone prepare them for you. They also offer a seafood barbecue with a range of customizable options that include prawns, scallops and clams. After eating, check out their original product line for something yummy to take home like smoked oysters preserved in olive oil or oysters ajillo.

miyajima oyster hiroshima

oyster oyster bar BBQ Miyajima Hiroshima Japan

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