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739-0412 Hiroshima, Hatsukaichi-Shi, Miyajimaguchi Nish 2–6-25
Tel: 0829-56-0234
Hours: 8-00 – 19:00
Closed : Irregular Holidays
IG: @ganso.momiman
www: https://takatsudo.com

There is a story about the origins of momiji manju and what came from it. Everything starts from somewhere and with momiji manju available all over Japan, and the fascination of this pastime, it starts here. That’s it. They have collab’d with Kitkat on a signature flavor, and japanese sake makers, and you name it Takatsudo has done it! Eat and experience their story.There is nothing that makes them more happy than spreading joy through momiji manju. That is their gift to the world.
It’s obvious you can taste their love in each bite.

We know many travelers are not particularly interested in japanese sweet bean but we believe that is by far the most authentic historical representation of where momiji manju started and remains. It is why japanese people flock there, and why Takatsudo has, and will remain the birthplace and maintain the title as best momiji manju. So please, go find them experience this Hiroshima tradition that started in Hatsukaichi. It is worth your time.

When you go, you will be greeted with so much kindness. It will make you understand more about why Japanese people invest so much into service for others.

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