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739-0412 Hiroshima, Hatsukaichi-Shi, Miyajimaguchi Nish 2–6-25
Tel: 0829-56-0234
Hours: 8-00 – 18:00
Closed : Irregular Holidays
IG: @ganso.momiman
www: https://takatsudo.com

In 1906, Tsunesuke Takatsu put fillings inside the Japanese version of a sponge cake and pressed it into the shape of a Japanese maple leaf. His creation, later called momiji manju, became a classic treat and a symbol of regional pride you can find in any Hiroshima gift shop. They even collaborated with Kitkat to design Kitkat’s signature momiji-manju flavor. Today his grandson, Hiroaki Kato, continues his grandfather’s craft. Takatsudo’s momiji manju have a thinner cake layer than other brands, but are described as being particularly moist and springy. Takatsudo also offers more flavors than most, having nine year-round flavors and six seasonal flavors. Depending on the time of year, look out for sakura leaf, Ramune, cantaloupe, and chestnut flavors plus momiji manju ice cream sandwiches. 

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