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739-0411 Hiroshima, Hatsukaichi-Shi, Miyajimaguchi 1-10-6
Tel: 0829-56-0611
Hours: 9:00 – 17:30
Closed : Irregular Hours

If you find yourself on the way to Miyajima in the morning without any breakfast and have time to kill before your ferry, Eiffel is a good place to grab a quick meal of pastries and coffee. Eiffel started making bread and pastries next to Miyajimaguchi JR Ferry Terminal over three decades ago. They use organic ingredients in their baked goods, and are well known for their eye-catching danishes loaded with fruit. Visitors can also find Japanese style sandwiches and a variety of freshly baked breads. Prices range from around 200 to 500 yen per item, but are mostly around or under 300 yen.

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