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udon noodle hiroshima local restaurant miyajima hatsukaichi

6 Chome-11-19 Kushido, Hatsukaichi, Hiroshima 738-0033
Tel: 0829-31-1313
Hours: 6:00 – 21:00
Closed: January 1 and 2

Do you remember that old diner or family restaurant in your home town that everyone has been going to for decades? That’s what Maruchu is to the people of Hatsukaichi. Located beside a highway just eight minutes walk from JR Miyauchikushido Station, Maruchu has been serving families, workers, retirees and visitors from out of town for 40 years. For seven days a week, from six in the morning until nine o’clock at night (hours may fluctuate), Maruchu primarily fills its customers’ bellies with bowls of udon, ramen and soba, but donburi and Japanese curry are available too.

You’ll need to buy menu tickets from a vending machine to order. The main machine has 64 buttons to choose from and all in Japanese, but don’t let that discourage you. Translation apps have never been more accurate or advanced. Try the Tentama Udon Teishoku. This popular udon dish is topped with egg and tempura. For an extra healthy boost, the udon contains tororo kombu, a style of kelp that is full of vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber. Since the dish is “teishoku,” a set meal, it also comes with side dishes like simmered vegetables, tempura and vinegared salads. Bring your ticket to the window to place your order. Feel free to find your own table too. They have a spacious interior with outdoor seating as well.

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