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what to do in Hiroshima

485 Nagahara, Hatsukaichi-shi, Hiroshima
Tel: 0829-74-0731
Hours: 9:00 – 15:00
Wednesday and weekend
from January to the end of May

Tabara Nouen is nestled among the mountains around Hatsukaichi City and lies beside the clear waters of the Kushima River. They are renowned for their multi-award winning orchids. Orchids, which are thought to bring good luck, are a common decoration in Japanese businesses. But lately a new crop has been bringing luck to Tabara Farm and their customers.
Because the area is known for its strawberries, Tabara
Farm expanded into the strawberry business in 2018. Today, 5,000 visitors wander down verdant lanes plucking strawberries every year. For 2,200 yen, an adult can spend half an hour gobbling strawberries right up to their stems like a greedy rabbit. There are two varieties to choose from, Benihoppe and Kaorino. Benihoppe strawberries are described as being bingeably sweet while Kaorino are said to be less sweet, but with a notable freshness and sophisticated aroma.
Discounts are available for elementary school aged kids and younger. Getting to Tabara Nouen without a car is a bit of an adventure as the nearest bus stop is a 2 km walk away. But for strawberries so yummy your cheeks fall off, it’s worth the excursion.

Get off at JR Miyauchikushido Station and take Hiroden Bus for Tsuta.
Get off at Kujimawakare and transfer to Sakura Bus.
Get off at Nagahara.
Or it will take about 30 minutes on foot from Kujimawakare.

what to do in Hiroshimawhat to do in Hiroshima what to do in Hiroshima

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