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1-8-1 2F Hatsukaichi, Hatsukaichi-shi, Hiroshima
For Reservation
Tel: 0829-20-5023
e-mail: HOURS: 15:00 – 24:00
Closed: Monday
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Only a small part of Miyajima is easily accessible. For centuries the island was considered sacred, so most of the island is undeveloped. The only signs of humanity on most of the coastline are small shinto shrines, relics of its sacred history. For those who want a fuller experience of the island or just a calming day at sea, Kazunori Nitanda, known as “Nico,” has a solution: cruise around the island in a Yamaha FC-26 cabin cruiser.

Sunny Day Cruise meets at cafe bar NICO in Hatsukaichi, a short walk from the marina and JR Hatsukaichi Station. The cruise leaves at high tide so the boat can get close to the Grand Torii, the first stop on the 90 minute tour. From there the boat follows the coast south west for another three seaside shrines while passengers take in views of the local oyster farms. If you’re very lucky, you might even see a dolphin. This is where the basic cruise ends. The full three hour tour, will continue on to circumnavigate the island, observing the many small shrines and even having the opportunity to land and explore an isolated beach if you choose.

The tour is not catered, but guests can order food at cafe bar NICO and bring the food on the boat. The basic cruise costs 32,000 yen per passenger while the full cruise costs 44,000 yen.The price for a group of five taking the basic cruise costs 40,000 yen while the price for the full cruise costs 55,000 yen.

5 minutes walk from JR Hatsukaichi station.

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