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2-5-4 Miyahamaonsen, Hatsukaichi-shi, Hiroshima
CLOSED : Please check the website
e-mail: miyahama.adventure@gmail.com

Half Day Guided Hiking Tour – Ascend 66 meters higher than Mount Misen on Miyajima to the view point of Mount Kyogoya on the Hatsukaichi side of the sea. Hikers can enjoy awe inspiring views of Miyajima and the surrounding island studded sea, accompanied by a local guide filled with stories of the nature of the region. At the goal point of the mountain, your guide will treat you to a lunch of a local specialty, oysters on rice, before hiking an hour back down to your starting point at Miyahama Onsen.
Booking URL: https://attractive-j.com/experiences/PK1LZU?lang=EN
Cruise on Raft-Type Boat
– Relax with a plate of pasta and a highball on a restaurant ship specially designed to bring the gentle immediacy of the Seto Inland Sea right up to your feet. Hana-ikada, a one-of-a-kind boat with a terrace and a raft-like freeboard, cruises out to Miyajima’s iconic torii for passengers to feast their eyes on while they enjoy lunch. After lunch, Hana-ikada drops off her passengers to enjoy an afternoon on the sacred island. Tickets are 8,750 yen per person for a two hour experience. Alcoholic beverages are sold separately. Hana-ikada’s starting berth is a five minute walk from JR Miyajimaguchi Station.

Get off at JR Onoura Station and take Ono Heart Bus from “Onoura st. Minami-guchi”(south / ocean side) stop.
Get off at Benimansaku-no-yu.

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