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izakaya hiroshima nabe miyajima restaurant hatsukaichi

1 Chome-3-37 Sumiyoshi, Hatsukaichi, Hiroshima 738-0014
Tel: 0829-20-4129
Hours17:00 – 25:00(L.O 24:00)
Closed: Open all year round

Starting with the signature Red Kara nabe, there are plenty of dishes that you’ll need to leave the prefecture to find such as Nagoya-style, deep-fried chicken wings and Nagoya-style specialty snacks flavored with miso. Aka Kara also takes a more traditional approach to yakiniku, grilling it on a shichirin, a kind of small, charcoal grill that was used in Edo times. The shop is widely loved by everyone from families with children, to students, to people on their way home from work. From the staff’s uniforms to the interior decorations, everything is styled in bright red in support of the local professional baseball team, the Hiroshima Carp. In keeping with the red theme, Aka Kara’s nabe, loaded with veggies and three kinds of meat, really lays on the spice. With 56 spices in the dish and 11 spice levels to choose from, the restaurant may not be the only red thing after you try their nabe. Aka Kara recommends spice level three. But for those who can’t take the heat, spice level zero is available too.

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