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Hatsukaichi Region is a mostly unknown area to the throngs of people who trek out here to get a glimpse of the famed Torii Gate and shrine. Dwarfed by the name of Hiroshima itself, it never really gets the recognition it deserves. Hatsukaichi serves a vast number of travelers foreign and japanese alike and has a very welcoming progressive culture behind the luster and mystery that greets people when arriving.

This press was created to serve as a gate for travelers to explore what is right in front of their eyes but just can’t see. In our 1st Introductory issue we will share 15 places that exist behind the curtain of this region where culture exists and you should find a way to experience it. Before you think of catching the first train outta here, stay and experience what Hatsukaichi people want to share with you and do something out of the oridinary. Stay here and get lost in our culture.

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